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Alec Empire | Gang Wars

Alec Empire | Gang Wars

“Gang Wars” was never meant to be just another collection of rehashed recordings.

Force Inc Music and Riot Beats were a world apart from Digital Hardcore Recordings.


The mixes we handpicked for these releases. They were a turbocharged, electrifying version of what Alec Empire unleashed in his DJ sets. Imagine the Digital Hardcore sound exploding at underground raves, pulsating with radical anti-Nazi fervor.  Dance floors didn't just change; they transformed into adrenaline-pumping mosh pits!


What bands with traditional musicians timidly experiment with during their shows, Alec Empire shattered in his DJ sets.

It was a high-octane thrill ride, and the only risk? Crowd rejection, which he could swiftly turn around.

Yet, at this point, no recording industry suits had a clue. No records were out, and the music industry wasn't in the picture.


Who was in the thick of it?

The club promoters and the daring souls booking DJs. Alec Empire got booted from Tresor Club for daring to drop "Gang Wars" tracks, but why?

He was ready to risk it all, break away from a scene he saw in decline.True, dance music and techno may have gone commercial, but not without a cost—often sacrificing creativity and innovation at the altar of mass appeal.


“Gang Wars” was always destined to be the wild older brother of “The Destroyer”—the one who kicked down the gates, letting his younger sibling march triumphantly into the battle.


Alec Empire says it best: “These tracks are a visceral flashback to a time when we built something from nothing. I remember the fearless warriors of the underground scene back then. Some faced tragic battles with addiction, while others ascended to greatness by defying a system built on empty promises and lies.


This album is a tribute to all who stood with us, and a call to anyone ready to ignite a new underground movement, no matter where they are on this planet!”



Alec Empire - Gang Wars 



Unity (Is Plural Mix)

Forgive Not M*thafckers!

Gang Wars

Terror Worldwide (BTS Dubplate)

Blow Up The Underground

Yo!bots (Theme From Tekno Boys)

Time Traveller 

You Go Away

No Big Fun

Angel’s Bells 

Suicide Drummer

Anti-Nazi Soulfood (BTS Dubplate)

Fuck You Up (BTS Dubplate)

Follow Me Into Death (White Label Version)

Guns Fire

Acid Red Tape

The Music Just Turns Me On (BTS Dubplate)

Where You Came From (Cassette Tape Mix)

You Must Confront! (White Label Version) 


Total playing time: 83min 

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