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Alec Empire | The Jaguar 93-96
  • Alec Empire | The Jaguar 93-96

    1. Tribal Warfare 
    2. Extinguisher 
    3. Wall Of Acid 
    4. Illegal Rave 
    5. Reclaim The Area
    6. Jaguar City 
    7. Tekno Concrete 
    8. Camouflage 
    9. 303 Samurai 
    10. Cyber Gloves 



    Grey clouds block out the sun. The sky over Berlin is pouring rain. Architectural ruins of its communist past, once built on top of hundreds of thousands of corpses buried by national-socialism. 


    Security provided by the State will always be an illusion and can vanish quickly when the wrong ideology drives a society. 


    The evidence is clear. How people deal with it is not. Silence on the battlefield. 


    The Jaguar roams the city…. habitat destruction. The future could be rebuilt. 

    From nothing. 


    What did Alec Empire do before Digital Hardcore? 


    Many have read about it in obscure online forums, others have speculated. 

    Some of the vinyl records from the first part of the 90s have been discovered by new generations. 


    There were the tracks that were released on underground record labels and then there were the tracks that Alec Empire played from his dubplates… the test records that you could only spin 6 to 12 times before they would dissolve and lose punch and sound quality. 


    Too hard, too radical, too noisy, too fast, too heavy… that was the reply from labels Alec had approached before he went independent. 


    And it was true… whoever has witnessed Alec Empire as The Jaguar in those years knew that he kept pushing techno and acid further. 

    In hindsight it was only a matter of time until he would cross the line into Digital Hard-core to never return to the cage of the dance music collective. 


    Now a selection of those rare tracks have been digitized for the first time. 


    It is a new decade. Misguided government policies & cultural Marxism have brought culture to its knees. 

    The Jaguar has been seen again. At night. 


    He could remind us that the wilderness is nothing to be scared of… most of the times it’s the only way forward if we want out…

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