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Nin tendo Teen​-​age R0b0ts: We Punk Einheit​!​!​!
  • Nin tendo Teen​-​age R0b0ts: We Punk Einheit​!​!​!

    "The first double vinyl album made entirely on a GameBoy - 1998"

    Picture this: software devouring the world, each nibble erasing our reality, piece by tantalizing piece. 
    The 90s erupted with electronic music, reaching its zenith in the vibrant pulse of 1997 America. 

    Then, a moment when boundaries seemed to vanish into thin air, leaving us breathless. 
    Imagination took a backseat as nostalgia for the 1980s took the wheel, steering us into uncharted territories. 

    In the scorching summer of '98, the Gameboy emerged as the precursor of change, signaling the sunset of the electronica era. 
    We rode the wave of success since '97, making our way across continents with Atari Teenage Riot, our anthem echoing from Brazil to Southeast Asia to the heart of North America. 

    As the summer heat simmered, I envisioned ATR's next masterpiece, a sequel to 'Burn Berlin Burn!’ mapped out with precision. 
    Global distribution deals secured, financial woes fading into distant memory, I gazed out of the airplane window, the sky a canvas of serenity, masking the storm brewing within. 

    Beside me, nestled between pages of Deleuze's Mille Plateaux, lay my trusted Gameboy, a font of inspiration, its pixels pulsating with creative energy. A sudden unease gripped me—a primal warning amidst the slumbering passengers and the bustle of the cabin—a reminder of our relentless assault on the music industry's ivory tower.


    1997 bore witness to our rebellion, a clash of titans at music festivals where rock beasts clashed with our eclectic ensemble, armed with nothing but an Atari computer and a cacophony of truth.

    Our formula for success was simple: wield the Atari, unveil the unvarnished truth, and provoke thought, not entertainment. While others sought to amass cult followings, we steered clear of false idols, refusing to bow to the notion of manufactured fame.


    Summer '98 cast the Gameboy as our punk anti-hero, its primitive sounds a battle cry against the corporate mammoth.As the pixels danced and the attacks intensified, we stood firm: be faster, be better, or be swallowed by the digital abyss!

    Upon landing, I wasted no time, dialing the DHR office from the nearest payphone, greeted by the familiar inquiry: 'Is the new ATR album ready?'

    With a dry smile, I whispered our clandestine plans, booking Abbey Road Studios for a groundbreaking venture: a double vinyl album birthed from the depths of a Gameboy, a symphony of 8-bit rebellion. The mastering engineer's incredulous gaze mirrored our audacity, but we pressed on, determined to etch our mark on music history.


    'We Punk Einheit!' thundered forth, a testament to our defiance, captivating audiences and critics alike. Amidst the accolades and adulation, questions lingered: what genre defied our creation?

    Where did these sonic flashes spring from?

    As the beats of my childhood merged with the rhythm of revolution, I found solace in the streets, where funk intertwined with futurism, and robots danced to our tune.


    In the dead of night, amidst whispers of plagiarism and the clamor of conformity, one truth emerged clear: we were the vanguards of the underground, the torchbearers of a generation that dared to dream.


    Long live the underground! Salutations to the hacker heroes of the 80s and 90s!


    Behold, the saga of Nintendo Teenage Robots!


    Released March 2, 2024
    All tracks programmed by Alec Empire on his GameBoy

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